You may know Jesus, but more importantly, does Jesus know you?

Have you ever wondered if your relationship with Jesus is what it should be?  Have you ever questioned your salvation and whether or not you can be sure you're going to Heaven when you die?

“Do You Have Enough G.A.S. To Get To Heaven?” will help you understand where you are in your relationship with God and Jesus and will help you deepen that relationship to insure your place in Heaven.  God has expectations of how we should live our lives and this book give examples, taken directly from the Bible, of what God expects.  These are not good works that we can do to earn our way into Heaven; they are more of a barometer of how we are living our lives in response to the faith and trust we have placed in God and Jesus.  This can make all the difference in where we spend eternity.


If you're searching and are curious about what it means to be a Christian, this book will answer many of your questions.
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